Dream a big dream of me…

As a modern day old soul, I have finally put fingers to keys to write about what makes me tick.  With my foundational years spent in Northern California, I am grateful for the lessons learned, attributes of the area I was raised in and the SF Giants.  Lucky for me, my roaring 20’s were spent in Southern California where I added layers of knowledge, expanded my respect of being a woman, built a career, shaped my truth’s for living completely and found my best friend on Craigslist (more to come on that).  When it was time to turn 30, I welcomed my new year with open arms.  Mostly because I have been going on 30 since the age 13, but also because it was the year of a very special milestone… The beau and I dropped anchor and exchanged vows!

In the very hectic months leading up to the wedding I started taking notes on what worked (and what didn’t) in regards to; health/fitness, hair, skin, nails, wedding planning, design, diy projects and most importantly, relationships.  With this blog I hope to inspire you, the introvert, the extrovert, the friend, the average Jane, the young at heart and of course, the old souls.  Dream big.





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