Chicken Quinoa Primavera

I love this recipe.  It is relatively quick and easy AND it is super healthy!  A few years ago, while searching for a recipe with chicken, but no dairy, I stumbled across this recipe in the Whole Foods app.  I had made it at least 5 times until one night when my bulldog (Franklin) was trying to help me clean up in the kitchen.  Long story short, he had found a small piece of red onion on the floor and by later that night, my boyfriend (hubby now) and I realized he had an allergic reaction.  Being that it was 9pm on a Saturday night, we ended up taking Franklin to the vet emergency room so he could receive the proper treatment to bring the swelling down.  I was scarred to revisit the recipe until last weekend when I wanted to make a side dish that would feed about 8-10 people for a BBQ at my girlfriends house (whom just had a precious baby boy)!

For detailed ingredients, quantities, and method for preparing this yummy dish, click on the recipe name below or visit the Whole Foods site and under recipes, search for “Quinoa Primavera”.

Quinoa Primavera with Chicken, Spring Peas and Asparagus

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